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Effective Tips for Essay Researching

While writing the essay students tend to drown into the research material on the subject. They end up spending more time reading the texts and leaving little for the actual writing. Despite the time spent, due to the ineffective reading and researching, most of the research is rendered useless— all the effort and time wasted.

Bogged down by a topic and its research you might seek help from your peers or researchers. “Help research and do my homework,” you’ll find yourself saying to others. However, with the right approach and tactics, you can make your research easy and effective. 

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Keep the essay prompt in mind

Before researching the speech topics it is important to fully understand the essay prompt. You should dissect it to its subject matter (what the essay wants you to talk about) and its task word (how it wants you to present the ideas and information), so you can know the type of writing and the style of it. It is best if you rephrase the question and change it into simple statements for you to conduct your research accordingly. 

Check for a resource list

Most of the essay assignments have with them a set of reading in the form of a resource list. This is the material that your instructor deems most relevant and wants you to use. The list of readings should be exhausted first before moving on to further readings. You can always consult your instructor while going through these readings.

Search from specialized databases and search engines

You are expected to gather information from scholarly articles and books. For this, you will have to use academic databases and digital libraries to access reputable sources of information. There are also search engines such as Google Scholar that indexes scholarly articles for you to search. These search engines are getting sophisticated by the day and are becoming as specialized at searching for articles as online databases. You can also ask researches to write my essay.

Read the overviews and abstracts

Before reading the material, it is important to check its relevance. This is done by reading the abstract and overview. If you find the material related to your topic sentence then you should proceed with the reading. If you are unsure then it is important that you read further into the summary, and/or the contents of the material.

Skim, Scan, and Skip

While going through the material do read the material one by one. Develop a strategy that allows you to get an overview of the material before diving into the specifics.

Skim the text: You should not read each word but instead try to zip past the sentences in order to find the overview and the structure of the writing. Here you will give most importance to the starting paragraphs, as well as the starting sentences of paragraphs. This involves going through the headings to place the structure together.

Skip the text: You scan the text with both skimming and scanning. Here you intentionally skip over the text if its a repeated example, information, or if it is an idea you have already grasped or something that you don’t deem important for an overview.

Scan the text: This is when you want to find particular information in the text. This can be an answer to a question or a statement. Here you quickly scan to find the relevant sequences of text. 

Keep track of references

It can be a frustrating thing to lose track of the text. All the hard work will be gone if you don’t record the reference information in your notes or through software. Never leave the task of referencing the information for later on, do it while you collect the information. 

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